Wi-Fi as a service

Why do our customers trust us to manage their Wi-Fi?

Technology outdates so fast these days, keeping up requires investment in time and money. A further aspect is the increasing legal demands that can vary depending on the countries your vehicles pass. These are just 2 reasons why our customers let us manage their Wi-Fi. And therefore, making sure they always get the connectivity required. So that your passengers, employees and systems get the connectivity they need and expect. With a customer survey, you can keep track on how your passengers perceive the service you offer. This can be done thru live feedback during the ride.

As technology outdates fast, we don ́t ask you to invest in boxes (IVU’s). Not in the beginning, not ever. We think that you should be able to focus on your core business while we focus on ours. Technology refresh is a standard part of our offering. Because we want the hardware to remain on the same level as our services. All the time. That ́s why we include installation and maintenance services.

Are you aware that there are severe legal requirements depending on the countries your vehicles operate in? In Europe, including the EU, there is no harmonized legal framework. Operating Wi-Fi in a vehicle, that drives thru certain countries is in many cases sufficient to fall under the specific legislation of that country. Not abiding to the local rules can have severe consequences. The good news is, we can take care of that for you. Including the registration of your vehicles with the required authorities in the different countries that oversee these matters.

To make sure we live up to our promises and you have the possibility to see in real-time what is going on in your fleet, we have developed different cloud-based platforms to meet your needs. Just tell us what connectivity requirements you have and we will show you the corresponding platform. This will allow you to gather information about usage, location, network coverage, in-depth marketing info, technical details and so much more.

We can supply sims, for different countries or Europe wide. Don’t forget that the sim supplier is by law considered the internet provider. This means that a whole legislation applies. Are you prepared for that? We are.

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