Remote cloud based video surveillance

Why is it a good idea to use a cloud based video system?

Our full cloud based surveillance system combines the advantages of a traditional CCTV system with all the advantages of the cloud, but without the disadvantages that traditional CCTV systems have. Integrating unique features like seeing images related to the location of your vehicles, and not only by time and date but also by incident. At the same time adding the cost effectiveness of a cloud based solution.

Having equipment in every vehicle that records and stores images on board is not an ideal solution, as many of our customers have learned, because it is difficult, time consuming and expensive to manage. Even those systems that allow you some remote connectivity, still suffer from uncertainty. What happens if the bus gets stolen, or destroyed by fire? We make sure you can comply to your legal and practical obligations, no matter what the situation is.

Our solution puts you back in control of your CCTV footage. You can link CCTV footage to the GPS coordinates of your vehicles, allowing you to quickly retrieve footage based on incident or time and location. You want to combine this with other tools like passenger/package counting, facial recognition or other live images based requirements, we almost certainly have it in our toolbox. We offer an analysis platform, combined with innovative technology, predictive analysis, and multimodal analysis in a way to help you understand the human behavior, and therefore the business activities.

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