Why don’t I see nice pictures of In-Vehicle-Units here?

Because boxes are variable but services are unique. Putting a box with a sim in your vehicle will not give you the result you are looking for. To have a truly connected vehicle that remains connected, you need to make sure you use the right unit with the right services and have the right data plan to meet your operational needs. You also need to stay in line with ever changing legal requirements. Once installed we report, maintain and support the total solution. Providing this full service for our customers is what we do.

You might call it a Wi-Fi box or a router, we like to talk about In-vehicle-units (IVU). And they come in all shapes, sizes and specifications. We have developed our own units that are specifically designed for the harsh environments of moving vehicles. That respect the legal certifications for your specific requirement, being it bus, coach, tram, truck, train or any other vehicle you require to be connected.

But maybe you already have units (IVU’s) equipped and are looking for a service provider like us to get more out of the investment already done, we can support a wide range of IVU ́s in the market. We can probably work with what you already have. Our customized software will improve connectivity of the units you already acquired so they come up to a level of performance and quality you are looking for.

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