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To have a functional and legal system, you need different things combined. A certified router (IVU) with antennas that fit your requirements. A data plan, installation and support services plus the legal framework to operate a Wi-Fi service in the countries your vehicle operates in.

Please note: Despite the tremendous consequences of the legal obligations, they are often overseen. These are all included in our services offering.

Well, fixed is a very simple technical solution as you probably know. But once you start moving, many variables change. You need to receive a mobile signal in a stable and consequent way. You need to make sure you are always connected to the operator antenna with the best possible signal whilst moving. Internet connections need to automatically pass over borders. Maintaining an internet connection in a moving vehicle is more challenging then on a fixed site. All differences that add up into the equation and are included in our services offering.

Yes, theoretically you can, but there are consequences. You will fall under legal requirements and obligations that are not possible to handle. Reporting, protection of data privacy, maintaining the solution, delivering your passengers what you promise them: a stable and working internet connection. All this will be very hard to keep up without a descent services offering.

It all depends in which countries your vehicle operates. Every country has its own legal requirements. Even within the EU, there is no standardized legal framework. These individual legal frameworks change on regular basis. Let’s not forget that you fall under the legal requirement of the country you are based in and the legal requirements of the country you drive thru. All good reasons to have an expert managing this for you. That’s why we include it in our services offering.

A good router will need several antennas on the roof and a 12/24V connection after contact. Yes, that ́s how simple it is. We can include the installation in our services offering.

Yes, in most countries you are not only obliged to, but you also need/want to be able to block certain internet traffic. Therefore, a good reporting portal that gives you a live view and is in line with the different legal requirements on reporting is vital. And yes, this is included in our services offering.

Yes, what about it? Our data plans include cross border traffic if that fits your requirements. No worries about heavy bills at the end of the month. It is possible to put you on a fixed schedule so you know exactly what the monthly cost is. We constantly compare data plans in different countries to make sure our customers have the best deal available as part of our services offering.

You probably have heard that roaming has been terminated within the EU. Well this is not 100% correct. Operators have put extra requirements in place. You need to spend a certain amount of time in the national network. Or you can only use a certain percentage of your data plan abroad. And many more small details that can make the difference between a reliable connection or not. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. And yes, we also cover this in our services offering.

They are all crucial for a perfectly functioning connectivity, that’s why they are an elementary part of our services offering.

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