VOD stands for Video On Demand and is basically the possibility for people that connect to a Wi-Fi signal to visualize content like movies, images, music, books, magazines, newspapers… WITHOUT going to the internet. The content is streamed from an internal “webserver” in the vehicle. Therefore, the signal is always good and there is no internet traffic required.

You need the right equipment to handle, store and distribute the content in a legal manner. A unit that can handle the process technically, does not necessarily have the correct technical requirements to handle movies as it is required by the license holders of the licensed content. You need a good service partner that takes care of all this for you.

Basically, any content imaginable. Ranging from your own promotional content over newspapers, magazines, e-books, music, kids content to Hollywood blockbusters. If it can be digitized, it can be offered over a good VOD system.

This is content of which the rights have been deposited. Popular music and newspapers are good examples of licensed content, but also movies of course. This means that the license holder of the right on this content decides how, when and under which circumstances this content can be viewed and potentially needs to be reported on or not. You need to make sure that whatever system you choose, it is compliant with these requirements and regulations. You may want to change the content in the future, not the system you invested in.

A good system will allow you to update the content remotely. Based on parameters that you have defined upfront.

Absolutely, it is one of the most used functionalities of VOD systems. You can show your current promotions, your future and past trips if applicable. It is even used to show content from third parties that are interested in showing their content to your passengers.

You do not necessarily need licenses. It depends on what content you want to show. But if you want to offer licensed content on board, you are going to need a license agreement with a party that legally represents the selected license holder. Something we handle for our customers in our service offering.

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