Advanced Passenger Information System

What are the advantages of an Advanced Passenger Information System?

These days passengers expect to be informed. The information needs to be available in a way they expect it and at the time they need it. That’s why we developed a platform that will inform your passengers before, during and after their ride. This information can be displayed at stops, on vehicle screens, over Wi-Fi, on mobile devices and on your website. This is also a great way to communicate directly with your passengers.

Communicating with your customers and passengers is vital for managing customer satisfaction and expectations. An integrated system where the same information is visualized on different media is an important part of the experience you want to create. Update information in one place and have it automatically displayed and available under different forms.

Our management console allows you to look further then the screens onboard. You can automatically have delays, deviations or even sponsored partner information available on the screens in the vehicle. Also on any place you can imagine, like on mobile devices in the bus, over the internet, screens on bus stops or your website. An easy to use interface where you decide which information is made available when and to whom. Our intuitive platform allows you to get started without extensive training.

Reporting on your operations and managing your fleet in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Sent live messages to the screens in the vehicle if and when required. More functionalities are available.

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