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You will need a router, antennas and that ́s basically it. With the brand and type of router we can help you choose. Depending on your needs, they range from good and efficient to brilliant and full of possibilities. They come with one to six modems if required. Some are for road, others for cargo or rail applications. Our services offering covers a vast solution of hardware that can evolve according to your needs.

Next to our own hardware, we support different brands. We know the importance of reliable hardware in vehicles, but we know even better that a service offering makes the real difference. We can probably work with what you already have, so you don ́t need to re-invest in hardware.

As everywhere in life, you get what you pay for. We ́re sure your business processes and/or passengers will appreciate your choice for a quality router. We strongly advice against using home appliances, as they are not made for moving environments and most importantly are not certified to be used in a vehicle. Using a none certified device can lead to your vehicle license certification becoming void. This normally leads to loss of insurance coverage. Which we don ́t think is what you are looking for.

Your needs evolve, so do the needs of your business processes and passengers. What looks like the ideal solution today, might be a serious brake on your business tomorrow. In a service offering you can let your hardware evolve with your needs. No need to invest at the start, and no need to re-invest when your requirements evolve. Our multiple life-cycle solutions take care of covering most part of the hardware cost.

Yes, there is. And not only in price. There are many good antenna ́s available, but most of them will include features you don ́t need but still pay for. That ́s why we have developed our own range of antennas that delivers exactly what is required. And therefore, giving the best value for money. It also gives us the possibility to cover the complete connectivity service as we know you have the right equipment from top to bottom. Our antennas come with all the required certifications.

As you might remember from school, a vehicle is a cage of Faraday. Not only does it keep the lightening out, it also keeps most of the cellular signal outside too. Therefore, external antennas will always give you the best reception.

Not really, you need some basic electrical knowledge to connect the router and install the antenna ́s on the roof. That ́s it. If you don ́t feel comfortable installing yourself, we can include installation services or installation training in our service offering.

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