APIS stands for Advance Passenger Information System. APIS is an easy to use infrastructure that enables you to inform and communicate with your passengers in different ways.

You can show information about the ride, (estimated) arrival time and where the vehicle is. But you can also display news, sports information, cultural updates and much more. Basically, any information you can imagine that is useful for the passengers. The real power of our APIS is that you can manage this information in one place, but can have it visualized in different ways.

There are many advantages. Easy to use, dynamic updates over the internet, one place to manage your info, many ways to display it. You can show third party or sponsored content, and these are just a few of the advantages. And with the right partners, you can turn an APIS into a revenue stream.

An informed passenger is a relaxed customer. Surveys show that the right information, provided at the right moment helps people to understand better what is going on. Therefore, the whole ride experience improves greatly and passenger satisfaction is increased.

Many possibilities here to. You can have this information on stops, in vehicles, on websites, on the mobile device over the bus Wi-Fi, on your website or even in an app. As we run open systems, the possibilities stop where your imagination ends.

A minimum training is required for first usage, but we have made it very intuitive to use. After half a day, most people are off on their own.

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