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Because it is legally required to have equipment in your vehicles that is in line with the legal requirements. This means that depending on your vehicle, you will need equipment with different regulations. Different requirements apply to trucks, cars, busses and trains. Using non-certified equipment can lead to a loss of insurance coverage. And this is just one possible consequence. We have different solutions in our service offering depending on your needs.

This is actually a very complex matter. The legislation of the country in which you offer the service is applicable under EU law. Which means that your vehicle can be registered in country A, but driving thru country B. Therefore, both legislations need to be respected. As these regulations are not only different per country, but also regularly change, you need a service partner that keeps an eye on this. Someone who makes sure that your systems are kept up to date and in line with all these rules and regulations.

You absolutely do. And again, these are different per country. A user that starts a Wi-Fi session in London and remains connected all the way to Vienna, will fall under 5 different regulations. You need to respect all of them every time you cross a border to be in line with the legal requirements. A good service partner will handle this for you.

Several requirements are in place. Again, it differs from country to country. But it is important to be able to keep track of what users you have, what they did on the internet and for how long. All this is included in our services offering.

You also need to be registered as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in every country your vehicle drives thru. Yes, there is a cost associated to every registration. This is also covered in our service offering.

Unfortunately, not (yet). In some parts of the world like the US, Canada and Australia, matters are easier across states. But in the EU, every country has its own rules and regulations.

Depending on the country, they can be quite severe. It can go from a warning over a fine to a non-road legal declaration of your vehicle. All consequences you do not want to be confronted with.

Yes, you do. You must declare it in every country you go thru. See also point 4.

Yes, you can, and we advise you to do so. You can block certain categories and websites. You can limit the usage per day, week or month. You can limit speed…a whole range of possibilities that we can help you choose from and that are included in our service offering.

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