Video on Demand

Can I not just offer an internet connection on board?

Most things can be found on the internet these days, but to enhance your passenger ride experience, you need to go one step beyond. Our system brings the streaming content in to the bus over the Wi-Fi and therefore frees up your internet connection for more useful things. It will also give an uninterrupted streaming experience to your passenger and you can use it to bring your content or that of your partners on board.

A video on demand server in your vehicle will help you further achieve passenger satisfaction. It will allow you to differentiate your service from competitors, lower your data cost because while passengers look at your content, they are not downloading data from the internet. It will make the travel experience much less time sensitive for your passengers.

Different content can be loaded on the units, ranging from movies and TV shows over travel information and even the location of the vehicle. It also opens the possibility for third party sponsored content. Which will again improve the passenger experience while giving you a hand on the bottom line. Updates can be done over the air to make sure you can run a non-time consuming and cost-effective system.

We take care of the whole lifecycle, from the equipment, installation over the maintenance and reporting up to the licences required for entertainment content in many countries. Entertainment content can come in many forms. It can be licenced Hollywood content but also light and royalty free content. With the experience we have, we would gladly advice you on the different possibilities to see what works out best for your specific needs.

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