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Icon was founded in 1999 in Luxemburg and has been active in the telecommunication field for moving vehicles ever since. In the meantime, we are a leading Service and Solution provider to the cargo, bus & coach industry for mobile internet access, APIS (Advanced Passenger Information Systems) and VOD (Video On Demand) entertainment systems. We are proud of our history in developing long lasting relationships with our customers allowing us to truly understand their activities, and thus to consult and develop the most advanced, economical and beneficial customized solutions for their needs.

As an Icon customer, you have the confidence that you will stay ahead of the game and maximize your performance & return. This is achieved by utilizing the most advanced yet easy to use technologies. We deliver turnkey solutions including comprehensive services while we plan, install and maintain your technical environment. Therefore, allowing you to focus on providing the best service to your business and passengers.

As many of our solutions are being implemented in the transport sector, we remain very sensitive for the specific needs and the increased connectivity and security demands of the trucking, cargo and value transport industry. Many big names in the transport sector have applied our solutions and with that, made a substantial difference in processes and cost effectiveness in their area of expertise.

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