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Why don´t I see nice pictures of In-Vehicle-Units here?

Because boxes are variable but services are unique. Putting a box with a sim in your vehicle will not give you the result you are looking for. To have a truly connected vehicle that remains connected, you need to make sure you use the right unit with the right services and have the right data plan to meet your operational needs. You also need to stay in line with ever changing legal requirements. Once installed we report, maintain and support the total solution. Providing this full service for our customers is what we do.

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Wi-Fi as a service

Why do our customers trust us to manage their Wi-Fi?

Technology outdates so fast these days, keeping up requires investment in time and money. A further aspect is the increasing legal demands that can vary depending on the countries your vehicles pass. These are just 2 reasons why our customers let us manage their Wi-Fi. And therefore, making sure they always get the connectivity required. So that your passengers, employees and systems get the connectivity they need and expect. With a customer survey, you can keep track on how your passengers perceive the service you offer. This can be done thru live feedback during the ride.

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Advanced Passenger Information System

What are the advantages of an Advanced Passenger Information System?

These days passengers expect to be informed. The information needs to be available in a way they expect it and at the time they need it. That’s why we developed a platform that will inform your passengers before, during and after their ride. This information can be displayed at stops, on vehicle screens, over Wi-Fi, on mobile devices and on your website. This is also a great way to communicate directly with your passengers.

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Remote cloud based video surveillance

Why is it a good idea to use a cloud based video system?

Our full cloud based surveillance system combines the advantages of a traditional CCTV system with all the advantages of the cloud, but without the disadvantages that traditional CCTV systems have. Integrating unique features like seeing images related to the location of your vehicles, and not only by time and date but also by incident. At the same time adding the cost effectiveness of a cloud based solution.

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Video on Demand

Can I not just offer an internet connection on board?

Most things can be found on the internet these days, but to enhance your passenger ride experience, you need to go one step beyond. Our system brings the streaming content in to the bus over the Wi-Fi and therefore frees up your internet connection for more useful things. It will also give an uninterrupted streaming experience to your passenger and you can use it to bring your content or that of your partners on board.

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